This is a breakdown of all the workshops I offer which can be stand alone workshops or offered altogether. 

What exactly is the menopause? What lifestyle changes can I make now to help me manage the symptoms of menopause? Do alternative and medical interventions work? What is the best way to speak to my own doctor and advocate for myself? 

What are the long-term implications and management of menopause? We cover everything from bone changes to heart health.

How can I change what I eat now to fully prepare for the short and long term effects of the menopause? This is a practical workshop where we all cook from recipes I give out the week before, eat and discuss what sort of dietary pattern helps the short and long term effects of the menopause.

I also give one to one menopause coaching in person or online


Every woman goes through the menopause. A multitude of symptoms can start in their early 40s with long term consequences. Although this is a natural stage in life, surveys show that 7 in 10 women say their menopausal symptoms have affected them at work with 1 in 10 women leaving work because of symptoms associated with the menopause.

My aim is to work with employers and employees to create a culture of openness around the menopause by increasing awareness and working with the organisation, to improve staff satisfaction, productivity and increase staff retention with easy to implement changes. This can be with workshops or bespoke tailored programmes to suit.

“Thanks so much for the session today. It was great. Learned so many new things about menopause that I had no idea about! It is nice to be prepared for when it happens"
Let's Talk Menopause
"I got a lot from it and appreciate that what I’m dealing with and feeling is normal!! For me…this has been a difficult few months as I didn’t know how to talk about it and who to but today you have really helped me”
Let's Talk Menopause
“We need to continue to be educated and advocate for ourselves through different changes in our lives. I have greater awareness and feel so much better informed and empowered after your workshops”
Let's Talk Menopause