If you’re looking for a practical way to acquire healthier eating habits with tasty, easy to cook recipes that are beneficial to your health and the planet then this course could be for you.

I have combined nutrition classes covering a range of topics with lots of practical help, ending with a meal that we all enjoy together, using recipes assigned to you by us the week before. The majority of recipes are plant based. 

My aim is to continue to develop healthier but balanced eating habits by broadening food choices so that whatever you learn can be used and maintained back at home.

(This 4 week course will resume post pandemic)


"I want to incorporate the recipes and just making the food and knowing it’s possible and trying things that I would never have before helps rather than if I had just seen the recipe on a piece of paper. I love love love this class!”
Eating Well
“The recipes were far easier than I thought and I don’t like cooking. They took very little time and were very flavourful. I really enjoyed eating together too”
Eating Well
“The course was great, I learned a lot nutrition wise and how to eat healthier, get more protein out of vegetarian meals and a very nice group”
Eating Well