I’m Kalpee Howard. I am a science communicator and run health and nutrition workshops. Moving to the Netherlands with my family gave me a chance to re-evaluate my career, having previously been a doctor in the UK for 19 years. As a general practitioner, I was frustrated with the limited time I had dealing with one of the main causes of illness today which is our lifestyles. I love to cook and be cooked for. Whilst living in NL, I took the opportunity to go back to studying nutrition, something doctors really have no training in. After nearly 1500 hours of study, I now have a post graduate diploma in nutritional medicine from Surrey University in the UK, a centre for excellence in this field. I am now equipped to make sense of the complex relationship between nutrition, health and disease.

I have the unique opportunity now to offer evidence-based health workshops in the community and in the workplace on a variety of topics ranging from the menopause to sleep. I’ve become adept at sifting through the never-ending health headlines and getting to what’s relevant.

I really do believe that I can empower you with the latest knowledge and practical tools to achieve optimal health.