Offering health and nutrition workshops to empower you with the latest knowledge and practical tools to achieve optimal health.


  • Health and nutrition workshops
  • Menopause coaching


Every workshop I give focuses on how diet plays a role in reducing the risk of that disease.I also offer stand alone practical courses too.


My aim is to break the taboo of talking about the menopause both in the community and the workplace via workshops and one to one coaching


Interactive workshops that cover everything from ageing well to gut health, from reducing your risk of breast cancer to sleeping well





Let’s Talk Menopause

These accessible workshops aim to bust some common myths, break the stigma of talking about the menopause transition and empower you with the right knowledge to take further action if necessary. 

Eating Well

If you’re looking for a practical way to acquire healthier eating habits with tasty, easy to cook recipes that are beneficial to your health and the planet then this course could be for you.


Common chronic diseases now develop over the long term, over many many years. This workshop looks at lifestyle changes that can be made decades earlier to future proof yourself from stress and dementia.

Let’s Talk About Breasts

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the developed world in their lifetimes. This 1.5 hour workshop aims to give you the latest information about how to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Let’s Talk Gut Health

This workshop will help you look behind the numerous headlines on gut health and look at what practical changes you can make to improve your microbiome, to optimise your overall health from your mood to your marathon time.

Sleep Well

With 2/3rds of us not getting enough, we are facing a sleep loss epidemic. We need sleep to be productive, but we also need sleep for our long term mental and physical health. Sleep is vital in reducing our risk of many of today’s illnesses from dementia to cancer, heart disease to depression.


“We need to continue to be educated and advocate for ourselves through different changes in our lives. I have greater awareness and feel so much better informed and empowered after your workshops”

AB / Let's Talk Menopause

“I want to incorporate the recipes and just making the food and knowing it’s possible and trying things that I would never have before helps rather than if I had just seen the recipe on a piece of paper. I love love love this class!”

JM / Eating Well